Create a coordinate reference string (CRS), suitable for use as a projection argument to mapPlot() or plot,coastline-method().




character string indicating the region. This must be in the following list (or a string that matches to just one entry, with pmatch()): "North Atlantic", "South Atlantic", "Atlantic", "North Pacific", "South Pacific", "Pacific", "Arctic", and "Antarctic".


string contain a CRS, which can be used as projection in mapPlot().


This is a preliminary version of this function, with the results being very likely to change through the autumn of 2016, guided by real-world usage.

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# \donttest{ library(oce) data(coastlineWorld) par(mar=c(2, 2, 1, 1)) plot(coastlineWorld, proj=oceCRS("Atlantic"), span=12000)
plot(coastlineWorld, proj=oceCRS("North Atlantic"), span=8000)
plot(coastlineWorld, proj=oceCRS("South Atlantic"), span=8000)
plot(coastlineWorld, proj=oceCRS("Arctic"), span=4000)
plot(coastlineWorld, proj=oceCRS("Antarctic"), span=10000)
# Avoid ugly horizontal lines, an artifact of longitude shifting. # Note: we cannot fill the land once we shift, either. pacific <- coastlineCut(coastlineWorld, -180) plot(pacific, proj=oceCRS("Pacific"), span=15000, col=NULL)
plot(pacific, proj=oceCRS("North Pacific"), span=12000, col=NULL)
plot(pacific, proj=oceCRS("South Pacific"), span=12000, col=NULL)
# }