Plot lines on an existing map, by analogy to lines().

mapLines(longitude, latitude, greatCircle = FALSE, ...)



numeric vector of longitudes of points to be plotted, or an object from which longitude and latitude can be inferred (e.g. a coastline file, or the return value from mapLocator()), in which case the following two arguments are ignored.


vector of latitudes of points to be plotted.


a logical value indicating whether to render line segments as great circles. (Ignored.)


optional arguments passed to lines().

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# \donttest{ library(oce) data(coastlineWorld) mapPlot(coastlineWorld, type='l', longitudelim=c(-80, 10), latitudelim=c(0, 120), projection="+proj=ortho +lon_0=-40")
lon <- c(-63.5744, 0.1062) # Halifax CA to London UK lat <- c(44.6479, 51.5171) mapPoints(lon, lat, col='red')
mapLines(lon, lat, col='red')
# }