This can be helpful in preventing mapPlot() from producing ugly horizontal lines in world maps. These lines occur when a coastline segment is intersected by longitude lon_0+180. Since the coastline files in the oce and ocedata packages are already "cut" at longitudes of -180 and 180, the present function is not needed for default maps, which have +lon_0=0. However, may help with other values of lon_0.

coastlineCut(coastline, lon_0 = 0)



a coastline object.


longitude as would be given in a +lon_0= item in a call to the sf::sf_project() function in the sf package.


a new coastline object


This function is provisional. Its behaviour, name and very existence may change. Part of the development plan is to see if there is common ground between this and the clipPolys function in the PBSmapping package.

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Dan Kelley


# \donttest{ library(oce) data(coastlineWorld) mapPlot(coastlineCut(coastlineWorld, lon_0=100), projection="+proj=moll +lon_0=100", col="gray")
# }