This is line A03 (ExpoCode 90CT40_1, with nominal sampling date 1993-09-11). The chief scientist was Tereschenkov of SOI, working aboard the Russian ship Multanovsky, undertaking a westward transect from the Mediterranean outflow region across to North America, with a change of heading in the last few dozen stations to run across the nominal Gulf Stream axis. The data flags follow the "WHP Bottle"convention, set by initializeFlagScheme,section-method() to "WHP bottle"; see for more information on World Hydrographic Program flag conventions.



This is based on the WOCE file named a03_hy1.csv, downloaded from, 13 April 2015.

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if (FALSE) { library(oce) # Gulf Stream data(section) GS <- subset(section, 109<=stationId&stationId<=129) GSg <- sectionGrid(GS, p=seq(0, 5000, 100)) plot(GSg, map.xlim=c(-80,-60)) }