This is a composite satellite image combining views for 2020 August 9, 10 and 11, trimmed from a world view to a view spanning 30N to 60N and 80W to 40W; see “Details”.



The following code was used to create this dataset.

data(coastlineWorldFine, package="ocedata")
d1 <- read.amsr(download.amsr(2020, 8,  9, "~/data/amsr"))
d2 <- read.amsr(download.amsr(2020, 8, 10, "~/data/amsr"))
d3 <- read.amsr(download.amsr(2020, 8, 11, "~/data/amsr"))
d <- composite(d1, d2, d3)
amsr <- subset(d,    -80 < longitude & longitude < -40)
amsr <- subset(amsr,  30 < latitude  &  latitude <  60)

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library(oce) data(coastlineWorld) data(amsr) plot(amsr, "SST")
lines(coastlineWorld[["longitude"]], coastlineWorld[["latitude"]])