Sections created with as.section() have "stations" that are in the order of the CTD objects (or filenames for such objects) provided. Sometimes, this is not the desired order, e.g. if file names discovered with dir() are in an order that makes no sense. (For example, a practioner might name stations "stn1", "stn2", etc., not realizing that this will yield an unhelpful ordering, by file name, if there are more than 9 stations.) The purpose of sectionSort is to permit reordering the constituent stations in sensible ways.

sectionSort(section, by)



A section object containing the section whose stations are to be sorted.


An optional string indicating how to reorder. If not provided, "stationID" will be assumed. Other choices are "distance", for distance from the first station, "longitude", for longitude, "latitude" for latitude, and "time", for time.


object A section object that has been smoothed, so its data fields will station-to-station variation than is the case for the input section, x.

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if (FALSE) { # Eastern North Atlantic, showing Mediterranean water; # sorting by longitude makes it easier to compare # the map and the section. library(oce) data(section) s <- sectionGrid(subset(section, -30 <= longitude)) ss <- sectionSort(ss, by="longitude") plot(ss) }