Return a subset of a ctd object.

# S4 method for ctd
subset(x, subset, ...)



a ctd object.


An expression indicating how to subset x.


optional arguments, of which only the first is examined. The only possibility is that this argument be named indices. See “Details”.


A ctd object.


This function is used to subset data within a ctd object. There are two ways of working. If subset is supplied, then it is a logical expression that is evaluated within the environment of the data slot of the object (see Example 1). Alternatively, if the ... list contains an expression defining indices, then that expression is used to subset each item within the data slot (see Example 2).

See also


library(oce) data(ctd) plot(ctd)
## Example 1 plot(subset(ctd, pressure<10))
## Example 2 plot(subset(ctd, indices=1:10))