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This function generates other functions that are used to specify colors. It is used within oce to create oceColorsTemperature() and its many cousins. Users may also find it helpful, for creating custom color schemes (see “Examples”).





Specification of the color scheme. This may be a character string, in which case it must be the name of an item stored in data(ocecolors), or either a 3-column data frame or matrix, in which case the columns specify red, green and blue values (in range from 0 to 1).

Sample of Usage

# Update oxygen color scheme to latest matplotlib value.
oxy <- ""
oxyrgb <- read.table(oxy, header=FALSE)
oceColorsOxygenUpdated <- oceColorsClosure(oxyrgb)
par(mfrow=c(1, 2))
m <- matrix(1:256)
imagep(m, col=oceColorsOxygen, zlab="oxygen")
imagep(m, col=oceColorsOxygenUpdated, zlab="oxygenUpdated")