Estimate atmospheric pressure in rsk record.

rskPatm(x, dp = 0.5)



an rsk object.


Half-width of pressure window to be examined (in decibars).


A list of four estimates: sap, the median, the mean, and the weighted mean.


Pressures must be in decibars for this to work. First, a subset of pressures is created, in which the range is sap-dp to sap+dp. Here, sap=10.1325 dbar is standard sealevel atmospheric pressure. Within this window, three measures of central tendency are calculated: the median, the mean, and a weighted mean that has weight given by \(exp(-2*((p - sap) / dp)^2)\).

See also

The documentation for rsk explains the structure of rsk objects, and also outlines the other functions dealing with them.

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library(oce) data(rsk) print(rskPatm(rsk))
#> [1] 10.1325 10.1325 10.1325 10.1325