Read a World Ocean Atlas NetCDF File

read.woa(file, name, positive = FALSE)



character string naming the file


of variable to extract. If not provided, an error message is issued that lists the names of data in the file.


logical value indicating whether longitude should be converted to be in the range from 0 to 360, with name being shuffled accordingly. This is set to FALSE by default, because the usual oce convention is for longitude to range between -180 to +180.


A list containing vectors longitude, latitude, depth, and an array with the specified name. If positive is true, then longitude will be converted to range from 0 to 360, and the array will be shuffled accordingly.


if (FALSE) { ## Mean SST at 5-degree spatial resolution tmn <- read.woa("/data/woa13/", "t_mn") imagep(tmn$longitude, tmn$latitude, tmn$t_mn[,,1], zlab="SST") }