A new ctd object is assembled from the contents of the rsk object. The data and metadata are mostly unchanged, with an important exception: the pressure item in the data slot may altered, because rsk instruments measure total pressure, not sea pressure; see “Details”.

  pressureAtmospheric = 0,
  longitude = NULL,
  latitude = NULL,
  ship = NULL,
  cruise = NULL,
  station = NULL,
  deploymentType = NULL,
  debug = getOption("oceDebug")



an rsk object.


A numerical value (a constant or a vector), that is subtracted from the pressure in object before storing it in the return value.


numerical value of longitude, in degrees East.


numerical value of latitude, in degrees North.


optional string containing the ship from which the observations were made.


optional string containing a cruise identifier.


optional string containing a station identifier.


character string indicating the type of deployment (see as.ctd()).


an integer specifying whether debugging information is to be printed during the processing. This is a general parameter that is used by many oce functions. Generally, setting debug=0 turns off the printing, while higher values suggest that more information be printed. If one function calls another, it usually reduces the value of debug first, so that a user can often obtain deeper debugging by specifying higher debug values.


The pressureType element of the metadata of rsk objects defines the pressure type, and this controls how pressure is set up in the returned object. If object@metadata$pressureType is "absolute" (or NULL) then the resultant pressure will be adjusted to make it into "sea" pressure. To do this, the value of object@metadata$pressureAtmospheric is inspected. If this is present, then it is subtracted from pressure. If this is missing, then standard pressure (10.1325 dbar) will be subtracted. At this stage, the pressure should be near zero at the ocean surface, but some additional adjustment might be necessary, and this may be indicated by setting the argument pressureAtmospheric to a non-zero value to be subtracted from pressure.