This is a wrapper around the R spectrum() function, which returns spectral values that are adjusted so that the integral of those values equals the variance of the input x.

oceSpectrum(x, ...)



a univariate or multivariate time series, as for spectrum().


extra arguments passed on to spectrum().


A spectrum that has values that integrate to the variance.

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x <- rnorm(1e3) s <- spectrum(x, plot=FALSE) ss <- oce.spectrum(x, plot=FALSE) cat("variance of x=", var(x), "\n")
#> variance of x= 0.9605793
cat("integral of spectrum=", sum(s$spec)*diff(s$freq[1:2]), "\n")
#> integral of spectrum= 0.4799936
cat("integral of oce.spectrum=", sum(ss$spec)*diff(ss$freq[1:2]), "\n")
#> integral of oce.spectrum= 0.9605793