Rename an item within the data slot of an oce object, also changing dataNamesOriginal in the metadata slot, so that the [[ accessor will still work with the original name that was stored in the data.

oceRenameData(object, old, new, note = "")



an oce object.


character value that matches the name of an item in object's data slot.


character value to be used as the new name that matches the name of an item in object's data slot. Thus must not be the name of something that is already in the data slot. If new is the same as old, then the object is returned unaltered.


character value that holds an explanation of the reason for the change. If this is a string of non-zero length, then this is inserted in the processing log of the returned value. If it is NULL, then no entry is added to the processing log. Otherwise, the processing log gets a new item that is constructed from the function call.

See also

Other things related to the data slot: oceDeleteData(), oceGetData(), oceSetData()


Dan Kelley


CTD <- oceRenameData(ctd, "salinity", "SALT")
stopifnot(all.equal(ctd[["salinity"]], CTD[["SALT"]]))
stopifnot(all.equal(ctd[["sal00"]], CTD[["SALT"]]))