oceMagic tries to infer the file type, based on the data within the file, the file name, or a combination of the two.

oceMagic(file, encoding = "latin1", debug = getOption("oceDebug"))



a connection or a character string giving the name of the file to be checked.


a character value that indicates the encoding to be used for this data file, if it is textual. The default value for most functions is "latin1", which seems to be suitable for files containing text written in English and French.


an integer, set non-zero to turn on debugging. Higher values indicate more debugging.


A character string indicating the file type, or "unknown", if the type cannot be determined. If the result contains "/" characters, these separate a list describing the file type, with the first element being the general type, the second element being the manufacturer, and the third element being the manufacturer's name for the instrument. For example, "adp/nortek/aquadopp" indicates a acoustic-doppler profiler made by NorTek, of the model type called Aquadopp.


oceMagic was previously called oce.magic, but that alias was removed in version 0.9.24; see oce-defunct.

See also

This is used mainly by read.oce().


Dan Kelley