Add a band to a landsat object. Note that it will be stored in numeric form, not raw form, and therefore it will require much more storage than data read with read.landsat().

landsatAdd(x, data, name, debug = getOption("oceDebug"))



a landsat object.


A matrix of data, with dimensions matching that of entries already in x.


The name to be used for the data, i.e. the data can later be accessed with d[[name]] where d is the name of the return value from the present function.


A flag that turns on debugging. Set to 1 to get a moderate amount of debugging information, or a higher value for more debugging.


A landsat object, with a new data band.

See also

The documentation for the landsat class explains the structure of landsat objects, and also outlines the other functions dealing with them.

Other things related to landsat data: [[,landsat-method, [[<-,landsat-method, landsat, landsat-class, landsatTrim(), plot,landsat-method, read.landsat(), summary,landsat-method


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