Draw error bars on an existing xy diagram

errorbars(x, y, xe, ye, percent = FALSE, style = 0, length = 0.025, ...)


x, y

coordinates of points on the existing plot.

xe, ye

errors on x and y coordinates of points on the existing plot, each either a single number or a vector of length identical to that of the corresponding coordinate.


boolean flag indicating whether xe and ye are in terms of percent of the corresponding x and y values.


indication of the style of error bar. Using style=0 yields simple line segments (drawn with segments()) and style=1 yields line segments with short perpendicular endcaps.


length of endcaps, for style=1 only; it is passed to arrows(), which is used to draw that style of error bars.


graphical parameters passed to the code that produces the error bars, e.g. to segments() for style=0.


library(oce) data(ctd) S <- ctd[["salinity"]] T <- ctd[["temperature"]] plot(S, T)
errorbars(S, T, 0.05, 0.5)