Decode data in a Nortek ADV or ADP header.

  type = c("aquadoppHR", "aquadoppProfiler", "aquadopp", "vector"),
  debug = getOption("oceDebug"),



a ``raw'' buffer containing the header


type of device


a flag that turns on debugging. Set to 1 to get a moderate amount of debugging information, or to 2 to get more.


additional arguments, passed to called routines.


A list containing elements hardware, head, user and offset. The easiest way to find the contents of these is to run this function with debug=3.


Decodes the header in a binary-format Nortek ADV/ADP file. This function is designed to be used by read.adp() and read.adv(), but can be used directly as well. The code is based on information in the Nortek System Integrator Guide (2008) and on postings on the Nortek ``knowledge center'' discussion board. One might assume that the latter is less authoritative than the former. For example, the inference of cell size follows advice found at, which contains a typo in an early posting that is corrected later on.


  1. Information on Nortek profilers (including the System Integrator Guide, which explains the data format byte-by-byte) is available at after login.

  2. The Nortek Knowledge Center may be of help if problems arise in dealing with data from Nortek instruments.

See also

Most users should employ the functions read.adp() and read.adv() instead of this one.