The purpose of this is to permit plotting with xtype="spine", so that the section plot will display the distance of stations projected onto the spine.

addSpine(section, spine, debug = getOption("oceDebug"))



a section object.


either a list or a data frame, containing numeric items named longitude and latitude, defining a path along the spine.


an integer specifying whether debugging information is to be printed during the processing. This is a general parameter that is used by many oce functions. Generally, setting debug=0 turns off the printing, while higher values suggest that more information be printed. If one function calls another, it usually reduces the value of debug first, so that a user can often obtain deeper debugging by specifying higher debug values.


A section object with a spine added.


library(oce) data(section) sectionWest <- subset(section, longitude < -60) spine <- list(longitude=c(-74.5, -69.2, -55), latitude=c(38.6, 36.25, 36.25)) sectionWithSpine <- addSpine(sectionWest, spine) plot(sectionWithSpine, which="map")
plot(sectionWithSpine, xtype="distance", which="temperature")
plot(sectionWithSpine, xtype="spine", which="temperature")